iTunes Music Rating

Do you guys rate your music on iTunes?

I’m a Mac and iPhone user so of course I’m using iTunes and I’m obsessed with my music collection. Everything has to have the proper cover (even if I don’t really like it), everything has to be tagged right (from genre and year to album interpret, but I don’t really need the componist – that’s where I draw the line) and I have to rate my music.

And I have even developed a system for that. Like I mentioned I’m quite obsessed.


– this means I can just delete this song. It’s bad. I don’t like it and never, ever will

starstar – this means I sounds really bad right now, but I’m not quite sure if I should delete it… I could like it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow… It has potential… Kinda…

starstarstar – This song is alright… It’s nothing special, but whenever I’m listening to the full album, I won’t skip this song. Maybe I’ll even nod along to the beat

starstarstarstar – This song is nice! I like it. I probably won’t skip it. Ever. But it’s just not the crème de la crème. I’m looking for something more in a song

starstarstarstarstar – This song is the best! I can listen to it on repeat for hours and can sing along to the lyrics whenever I shower. It’s my jam, dude!

Do you have rating system for your songs? Is it similar to mine?

I currently have 9,995 songs in my iTunes library. And 869 have a 5-star rating… I should look into that… My taste in music is ever-changing and one songs that had a 3-star rating for years can suddenly get deleted or get 5 stars and will be in my shower playlist. I also have quite a lot playlists. Maybe I should introduce them to you someday… I could even recreate them on Spotify… But that’s a plan for another day.


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