Hi guys!

Realayu will undergo a few changes once again. My life is quite busy right now with concluding my university life (finally!), working as a web designer (who knew this skill would come in handy one day) und just simply living.

The first and most obvious change is that I’ll write in English. German is my native languages and I love it. I study it for God’s sake, but I came to realise that I miss to converse in English. In the last couple of years I started to become good friends with foreigners and we spoke exclusively English, because, well, that’s the language everyone learns in school apparently… And so I became fluent very quickly. But all my friends had to go home at some point. Don’t worry we still FaceTime, text and talk very often and I’ll even travel to England in two weeks to visit some of them. But now my English language skills get worse by the day and I actually hate this. So I’ll use this blog to train my English. Maybe I’ll switch to French one day… I should lern that language again. It just sounds so pretty.

The second change is that I won’t review K-Pop any longer. I just don’t listen to K- or J-Pop anymore. The whole Girls’ Generation split-up let me realise how cut-throat this industry really is. So I simply can’t support it any further. I think, in some aspects it’s even worse than the American or German equivalent.

I’ll start to blog about my life, my point of views on stuff, what I do and what I see. I’m quite into healthy living right now and cooking and I even started running, but I also love some of the current TV shows in the UK and the US and really want to talk about them. And books! How could I think of book this late? I always was a book lover. When I was 11/12 years old, it got so bad that I had to carry two or three books with me at all times. And now I use the Amazon Kindle for four years and I actually got a new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, so I pledged on that I would read 30 books this year. So far I have one down. But my second is ‘Clash Of Kings’ by George R.R. Martin (it’s the second book in the Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series) and that book is humongous! And I really dread every single Catelyn chapter… But I’m so excited about the Arya and Thyrion chapters. These are amazingly fascinating characters! So I think I will blog about my reading list quite a lot. And probably about my England vacation. I’m so excited

So I’m sorry that isn’t what you expect any more. But to put it quite frankly: I posted so irregularly that I don’t probably don’t have any followers at all. So I can do what ever I please with this side. I just want to put stuff out there and use my language skills. And to have a creative outlet again would be really nice, too. Between studying, working and doing stuff, I don’t to anything creative anymore. That’s kind of sad. So this will be my thing.


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